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The JVR brand was born in 1994 for the realization of the fixative JVR FIX, useful for the customizers for work on automobile bodies and rigid materials also with water colors, which until then is used exclusively for the illustrations on cardboard.


The company philosophy is aimed at the production of products at the highest quality for the specific use.

At the end of the nineties also born the first series of colors and JVR JVR Xproff Base, acrylic water with alcoholic resin that followed RAL coding and the Base which were dyed without code but of excellent coverage for the preparation of the surfaces to draw.

The evolution of JVR traveled colors in parallel with the birth of the publishing magazine Airbrush Art Magazine which promoted the development of this painting technique initially in Italy and later throughout Europe and the USA.


Start 2000 and are born, always with the JVR brand, two lines of airbrushes and a series of products for the preparation and the finishing works on most surfaces.

2006 is the first widely distributed version of Kolor Revolution Gel as excellent coverage and smoothness but with some problems of gumminess and compatibility with the transparent finishing.
Same year born AirbrushFree.net Web portal (sponsored by JVR)

In 2009, the magazine stops being produced in print and develops more Airbrush Art on the Web.

From the experience gained in 2010 is the new line of colors "revolutionary", called JVR Revolution Kolor Extra Fluid, thanks to the high percentage of pigment and to a high quality binder immediately become the best colors for each type of surface and compatible with all, finishing and preparation.


2011 began the international promotion, JVR Colors conquer the whole of Europe!
They arrive rave reviews from all countries and not only by airbrush artists but also by painters and modellers who find JVR Revolution Kolor Extra Fluid excellent color also advisable to brush.


2013 began a fruitful collaboration with the German distribution company and production of airbrushes Harder & Steenbek and several distributors in France, Belgium, Holland and England.

2016 5 new colors come to complete the range of colors and are new colors for Pinstriping Synthetic products.

2017 comes this web portal in 5 languages ​​dedicated exclusively to the production JVR